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Orlando Jet is a renowned private aviation company of Florida, offering excellent aviation services across the Southern United States and Bahamas. At Orlando Jet, we offer unmatchable services, which are impossible to get from a comparable charter company. We are one of the largest aviation groups of Florida.

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Aircraft Leasing Concept

Our customers pay for the Aircraft on an hourly basis, so they only pay for what they use (aircraft, fuel and pilot), also paying the fuel and pilot direct, (eliminates a markup) compared to a Charter Company, charging their customers one price which ends up costing much, much more for the following reasons: In a Charter Quote they must cover what if scenarios, Building in extra flight time for possible weather and ATC delays (which increases the, aircraft, fuel, pilot costs and additional excise tax), they pay the pilot, fuel and additional Admin Costs for FAA Charter Regulations to adhere to, and then mark all this up, then adding a 10% excise and then pass it on to you.

Join Us for Free!!!!

You can join us and enjoy our aviation services without paying any membership fee. Being a professional private aviation company, we never charge any hidden fees or acquisition costs to our customers. Our aviation programs are designed to provide extreme comfort and convenience to the users.

Take Advantage of Dry-lease Solution

Leading aviation group, Orlando Jet providers cost competitive dry-lease solution for its private aircraft. Under this solution, you can take an aircraft and pay on a per hour basis. It is perfect to save time and cut down the travel expenses which can be a considerable amount.

Choose Most Suitable Airport

Like an experienced private aviation company, Orlando Jet has great knowledge about the airports available in the country. With several years of experience, we can guide you to the most suitable airport which can save you on departure and arrival time. You can select the private aircraft terminal (FBO) service provider which may better serve you.

Take Quality Private Aircraft Charter for Initial Pilot Training

Orlando Jet provides quality privately owned aircraft on lease for initial Turbine Pilot training also. With our aircrafts, you can improve your presentation and efficiency. Only qualified pilots can fly our turbine aircraft.

With us, you will enjoy Safe and High Performance Aircraft. Our charges are more prudent than other aircraft Companies.