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In this tough economic climate, we realize the need for private air travel is still present, but understand the ability to carry the typical private air travel expenses may no longer be viable.

We offer an alternative to light jets, and larger turbo props, which can save a minimum of 50% over the traditional Jet charter expense.

Most private aircraft use involves regional travel, with 2-5 passengers. Why pay for excess capacity, and unusable performance (on most shorter trips). Unlike traditional Jet charter, we offer the simplicity of a dry-lease. This means you lease the aircraft on an hourly basis.

At Orlando PropJet, we've created something special: a private jet alternative that offers the peace of mind and reliability of fractional ownership with the flexibility, simplicity and choice of a dry-lease.

Our idea is simple: to make on-demand, private air travel more convenient, flexible, comfortable and cost efficient.

By utilizing smaller, pressurized turbine aircraft, we give our lessees access to a vast network of underutilized executive airports. You now have more choices that can contribute to valuable savings for you, or your corporation.


No more arriving hours before your commercial flight to fight congested parking lots and long lines. With Orlando PropJet, you can arrive close to your departure time, parking right at the door of our terminal and be escorted right out to your awaiting plane.


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, a private dry-lease aircraft provides you with a level of intimacy and comfort that cannot be matched by commercial flights. Business discussions and meetings can be conducted en route since you are sitting comfortably with one another and not scattered in tight rows throughout a commercial airplane. Flying our aircraft becomes the relaxing start and end of your trip, not the initial and final stress triggers it is on commercial airlines.


You decide the itinerary; you control the time. Our service is tailored by you. You can now reach the best destinations throughout the US and Bahamas from almost any point of departure you choose. Let us know when and where and we will do everything to facilitate the aircraft.

Forget congested roads and baggage carousels. Your time is precious, and we can help maximize it. Whether your travel is for business or pleasure, our service is unparalleled, open and flexible. Time is the new money.



You are no longer at the mercy of commercial airlines and their flight schedules when you lease our private aircraft. Whether flying for business or pleasure, our aircraft allows you the flexibility to set your own itinerary without the worries of overbooked flights, connecting airports or cancellations.


In most cases, a leased aircraft for two-to-three people is about the expense of full coach/business class, as compared with short-notice travel on commercial airlines. And if you are able to set your own schedule, think of the savings you will realize on hotels, meals, time, etc. when overnight business trips can now be day trips.

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