Air Aviation Orlando, Private Aviation Company

We are an aviation company offering another option to Jet Charter. Turboprop Aircraft gives our clients more flexibility and greater value, paying by the hour, so you pay for exactly what you use.

Orlando Jet is based in the heart of Central Florida, making travel to the islands within an hour, Atlanta within hour and half, New York in three and half hours.



We offer a Turboprop solution which will save you 30-50% over a typical Jet charter

There are never any doubts as to availability, dispatch reliability or maintenance records.
Our state-of-the-art equipment can meet your needs with unparalleled safety and performance, and without the excessive expense of light jets and Larger Turboprops
In most cases, our pressurized turbine aircraft are a cost-effective alternative to piston twins, and even "4 seater" singles.

At Orlando Jet we make your well-being our top priority. You can rest assured that all aircraft and operating procedures are regulated by rigorous FAA guidelines. To show our commitment to passenger safety we select the best aircraft based on respected aircraft auditing agencies' recommendations.


In addition, Orlando PropJet qualifies each aircraft based on the following criteria:

  • Incident-Free Safety Records
  • Maintenance Standards & Aircraft Record-keeping
  • Avionics & FAA Compliance
  • Aircraft Age & Maintenance History
  • Aircraft Paint/Interior Quality & Condition

As an Orlando Jet lessee, you fly knowing you are being taken care of by some of the most qualified professionals, while enjoying the use of one of the safest, most reliable aircraft in the industry.